Pig & Fiddle by Muddy Pig to open in former Pearson's

When the former Pearson's Family Restaurant at 50th and France in Edina was sold, the new owner, John McMCarty, divided the space in two. On one side he opened the 50th Street Cafe (a breakfast-lunch spot similar to his other restaurants, including the Uptown Diner and the Louisiana Cafe); the other side he's leasing to a longtime St. Paul tenants Mark van Wie and Paul Schatz, owners of the Muddy Pig, according to the Pioneer Press.

The new pub will be called Pig & Fiddle and will place more emphasis on food, described as "peasant fare from around the globe." The owners hope to have it open for business in late July.

**Also, anyone else find the Pi Press's survey of downtown St. Paul restaurateurs for their suggestions about what to put in the city-owned Lawson Commons space a little depressing? Here's to hoping that Jarret Oulman, owner of the 331 Club (and former owner of the defunct 501Club) in Minneapolis, is able to negotiate a lease in lieu of "Applebees," "Hooters," or a "gentlemen's club." Sheesh!

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