Persimmon Margarita-- a tropical Thanksgiving cocktail

Sweet, spicy and icy.

Sweet, spicy and icy.

Michelle Leon
Sweet, spicy and icy.
November is the height of persimmon season. Finding ourselves with a profusion of persimmons after visiting Hmong Village, it was time to get creative. This cocktail was perfect: rich with fruit flavor, sweet 'n' tart with cinnamon-spice, icy and sippable. If you like your margarita spicy, add minced jalapenos (or your favorite hot pepper) to the puree--the flavors are well matched. Taste your persimmons before making this recipe--If they are sour, let them ripen a little longer. [jump]

Persimmon Margarita

1 3/4 oz. tequila reposado 2-3 non-astringent persimmons, such as fuyu 1/2 oz. simple syrup (1:1) or agave nectar 1 oz. lime juice, fresh-squeezed cinnamon-salt (1:1) for the rim minced hot peppers to taste--optional

Rim a cocktail glass with a mixture of cinnamon and salt: spread the mixture on a salad plate, wet the rim with a lime wedge and dip it in the mixture. In a blender or juicer, puree persimmons (skin and all), adding simple syrup to taste. Puree with hot peppers, if desired. In a shaker, combine tequila, 1 1/2 oz. persimmon puree and lime juice. Shake with ice and strain into the rimmed glass. Garnish with a lime wheel. Variation: Pour over crushed ice or blend all ingredients with ice for a frozen margarita.

Recipe from Tim Staehling, The Hungry Cat, Los Angeles