Permaculture Research Institute turns to Kickstarter for funding


Twin Cities-centered company Permaculture Research Institute has begun a Kickstarter campaign to help promote sustainable living in colder climates.

The organization hopes to spread the trend of at-home, accessible sustainability -- urban gardening, canning, beekeeping -- in communities where a cold climate dominates more than half of the year. PRI calls for their participants to "care for the earth, care for people, and share their surplus."

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The campaign, which has raised $5,385 of it's $8,000 goal, will go towards funding a new library, which will include books, how-to guides, and local products; a photo and video gallery that allows participants to find sustainability tips anywhere from businesses to schools to individuals all over the area; workshops and training at Tiny Diner Farm and Permaculture's new "Farmouse" home in Longfellow; as well as a "Cold Climate Permaculture Site Map," that works on connecting you with contacts in business, education, design, and farming.

The Permaculture Research Institute's Cold Climate sector already hosts 80 workshops a year, three of them including 6 to 10-month long training sessions on how to start your own permaculture.

The campaign ends Tuesday, July 29.

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