Perfectly named, over-the-top Canadian soft serve chain Sweet Jesus will debut first U.S. location at the Mall of America

This is a "Krusty the Cone." (You see the resemblance, right?)

This is a "Krusty the Cone." (You see the resemblance, right?) Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus, indeed.

The aptly named Canadian ice cream joint -- which trades in "pimped out soft serve" -- is coming to Bloomington. Its first-ever U.S. location will be in the Mall of America on level three, north, according to a release.

Sweet Jesus is known for its utterly over-the-top cone creations, all of which sound crazy messy but also very worth it. There's the Red Rapture (vanilla soft serve, red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, raspberry puree, meringue crumble), Krusty the Cone (vanilla soft serve, cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles, cotton candy sauce), and the Bangin’ Brownie (chocolate soft serve, caramel, chocolate sauce, brownie bits, chocolate cookie crumble).

(Actually, the menu says chocolate cookie cumble, which we’re pretty sure is a typo? Although, with a name like Bangin’ Brownie…)

The shop also serves both hot and cold "dessert-styled beverages" -- think espresso shakes and burnt marshmallow lattes.

"The goal is to combine conceptual thinking with high quality ingredients and products, in an effort to make something that tastes and looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen and had before," the Sweet Jesus website reads, before closing with the obvious: "Amen."

Looks like they're shooting to open this winter.