Perennial Plate food documentary series launches today

Perennial Plate Trailer HD from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Curious as to what it'd be like to raise, kill, and gut your own Thanksgiving turkey? Filmmaker/chef/activist Daniel Klein managed to catch his turkey--it's harder than you'd think--pack it into an HP printer box, and bring it to Grandma's house to butcher it for the family's Thanksgiving meal. Then Klein turned his turkey experience into the first episode of a new online video series, the Perennial Plate, which launches today. The series follows Klein on a year-long journey of eating locally and sustainably in Minnesota. To see Klein try his hand at wild ricing, ice fishing, deer hunting, maple syrup-ing, and more, check back weekly at (FYI: Episode one is a little more graphic than the turkey snippets in the trailer...)

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