Pepsi's iPhone pickup app = totally offensive

We knew if was inevitable, I suppose, that the iPhone would spawn a million apps to help guys get laid...and that some hype-conscious multi-national food company would use such technology to market its brand. Here it is: to promote its new Amp energy drink, Pepsi has released "Amp Up Before You Score," an iPhone app to help guys make inroads with 24 "types" of women.

So, of course all the "types" are stereotypes--Artist to Women's Studies Major--which PC magazine aptly describes:

Each type of woman is depicted in a cartoon drawing reminiscent of a Bratz doll. The "sorority girl" is tugging at a mini-skirt and toting a small dog in a pink purse, while the "rebound girl" is holding a carton of ice cream while mascara runs down her face. Everyone is well-endowed, of course.

I actually snickered at some of the app's cheesy humor: click on "Treehugger" and the app will help you located the nearest vegan restaurant, click on "Punk Girl" and get Wikipedia's explanation of punk history, click on "Sorority Girl" for a translation of the Greek letters splashed across her plus-size chest, etc. (I can't wait for this thing to show up on an upcoming episode of the Office...) And it would have been clutch last Saturday when I attempted to chat up Kate Hudson at the gym:

Me: (nonchalant) So, what brings you to Minneapolis? Kate (look of incredulity): I'm here to watch my boyfriend play baseball. Me: (making mental note to Google Kate Hudson + baseball) Oh. Cool.

But here's the gross part: A "brag list" on which to tally your conquests with a name, date, and "whatever details you remember." And then, this suggestion: "You got it? Flaunt it. Keep your buddies in the loop on email, Facebook or Twitter."

To make matters worse, Pepsi apologized *with a Tweet, *which actually seems even worse than not apologizing.

"Our app tried 2 show the humorous lengths guys go 2 pick up women. We apologize if it's in bad taste & appreciate your feedback."

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