People's Organic panna cotta: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 93

Panna cotta: Good 'till the last bite.

Panna cotta: Good 'till the last bite.

The new People's Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe in the Galleria is a great place to stick with a diet, between the crunchy salads, veggie burgers, and "zone" omelets that limit one's egg yolk intake but don't skimp on flavor.

All of these things are perfectly appealing. Even the DIY yogurt and oatmeal setup with its not-too-caloric toppings. Even the bowl of spelt, which looks like orphanage gruel but is as comforting as a Saturday morning tucked under the covers and waking up without the alarm clock.

All these things exist for one reason: An excuse to indulge in People's panna cotta.


Shotglasses of the creamy custard are lined up in the refrigerated case near the register, reminding diners that there's really no reason not to tack one if the six-bite desserts onto an order. Our favorite is the raspberry, which comes with a tropical marmalade topping that's as concentrated and sweet as caramelized pineapple. But if you like chocolate and came with a friend, consider getting two and sharing.

PEOPLE'S ORGANIC COFFEE & WINE CAFE Galleria, 3510 W. 70th St., Edina 952.426.1856; website

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