Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine owner gives a hint of new Edina cafe

An artist rendering of Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe, which is scheduled to open this month at the Galleria in Edina.

An artist rendering of Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe, which is scheduled to open this month at the Galleria in Edina.

Vegans and omnivores will be able to happily share a table this November when the latest venue from Lynn Gordon, the founder of French Meadow Bakery, opens in the Galleria in Edina. Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe, which will feature an organic and all natural menu, is set for a soft opening November 24, but that depends on the arrival of some critical equipment, Gordon says.

Gordon was kind enough to share her plans for the cafe with the Hot Dish.

[jump] "We are working these days fine tuning our fresh organic and all natural menu," Gordon says, adding that the cafe will feature six artisan beers on tap, including Surly, and a selection of wines made with organic grapes and other biodynamic options. "Wines will be served by the bottle or glass, and seasonal and regional flights that we anticipate will be popular. Artisan cheese flights will be highlighted in a special glass lighted case at the bar."

Gordon wants to keep much of the menu a surprise, but she did say that everything on the menu will be made from scratch, breakfast will be served all day, and the menu will include meats that are nitrate and hormone free and free range. Vegans should also find something to be happy about on the menu. "We love catering to the vegan community," Gordon says. "After all, my roots always show. I began teaching macrobiotic cooking over 28 years ago. This philosophy is the cornerstone of all that was created with French Meadow and now Peoples Organic."

Sarah Wieben, one of the chefs at French Meadow Bakery, is working with Gordon to develop the menu, and Wieben will head up the kitchen at Peoples Organic Coffee & Wine Cafe. Gordon's daughter, Debbie, who opened French Meadow Bakery with Gordon, will be assisting in the kitchen and supporting the front of the house, Gordon says.

The restaurant is decorated in all of Gordon's favorite colors, and will feature a wine bar made from hand-cut tiles. With wi-fi and booths equipped with electrical outlets, diners with lap tops for companions will fit right in. "I have intentionally not shared much about Peoples Organic at the Galleria," Gordon says. "I want it to be a big surprise, like opening a Christmas package."