Pentagram-cut pizza the hot new slice?

What does your pizza-cutting preference say about you?

What does your pizza-cutting preference say about you?

No matter how you slice it, a pizza's still a pizza and it'll taste the same...right?

The classic wedge shape, of course, has the advantage of distributing the crust and toppings in equal proportion. But there's also something appealing about the Midwestern penchant for cutting pizzas in squares. Like "fun" size candy bars, the smaller portions are rather cute, and those who dislike crusts can dispense with them entirely by selecting center pieces.

There's also the traditional Neapolitan option--uncut pizza eaten with knife and fork--or a libretto, a.k.a. folding the whole pie in thirds and wrapping it in parchment. But here's one we've never seen, and aren't sure what to think of: the pentagram cut. Check it out:


A customer apparently submitted this cutting request. What do you think of it?