Peeps get their own store!


The Washington Post reports that the marshmallow animals will have their own store at National Harbor in Prince George's County, scheduled to open in November.

Milena DeLuca, a spokeswoman for Peeps parent company Just Born, said the store will sell a full complement of Peeps paraphernalia: T-shirts with Peeps dressed up as the Village People, plush Peeps in the traditional chick and bunny shapes, Peeps pillows, pens and key chains, and even Peeps china. (Yes, it not only exists, but some is even made by Lenox.)

Admittedly, the Peeps salt and pepper shakers (pictured) are kinda cute, but are there people who really go deep into a full-Peep lifestyle?

Peep store haiku, in honor of the grand opening: sleeping in Peeps sheets on a Peeps pillow, sweet dreams counting chicks, not sheep