Peanut butter jitters spread to more local companies


I'm as exhausted as anyone else by all the ongoing only-getting-grimmer peanut butter news -- the nationwise illnesses, the rising death count -- but I do think it's interesting that suddenly the tentacles are just so much more far-reaching.

Lunds/Byerly's and Kemp's this week added their names to the lengthening laundry list of possibly affected companies and announced recalls of some of their peanut-containing products.

Apparently, the companies found out (after the recall was expanded to products prepared as far back as 2007) that they are indeed supplied by the Peanut Corporation of America, the peanut butter baron implicated as the original source of the salmonella outbreak.

It seems like one mouse click on a Peanut Corporation of America computer would tell you in half a second just who and where all their customers are though, right?

Keep in mind that this is the same company that has been accused of knowing -- knowing -- its products had tested positive for salmonella and shipping them out anyway.