Peace Coffee serves its first cup at new shop

With a disco ball, a light fixture made from old bike parts, and an array of coffee options, the Peace Coffee shop is open for business. The store opened earlier this week for a "dress rehearsal," and they officially open on Saturday in its Phillips Longfellow neighborhood shop.

Coffee snobs will dig the variety of coffee options: espresso drinks, cold press, brewed coffee that's ready to go, and coffee brewed to order. The shop carries some of Peace Coffee's popular blends, and it will feature specialty roasts from beans that are only available in small batches.

The roasters are even developing a special espresso blend for the shop called Wonderland Park, says Mel Meegan, Peace Coffee's advertising and marketing coordinator. Its name is a tribute to the amusement park that was open in the early 1900s just a few blocks from the shop. That blend of old and new--with a nod to the local--infiltrates every aspect of Peace Coffee's new digs, from the menu options to the decor.

In addition to a variety of coffee drinks, there's also a variety of "not coffee" drinks, including hot tea, hot chocolate and juices. The coffee shop's food menu includes whole wheat croissants, scones, cookies, and other goodies from the Wedge Bakehouse and bagels from Common Roots. There's also soup--a vegan chili and a meat or vegetable soup--made by the Wedge and served with bread. Plans are in the works for the shop to carry sandwiches, too, Meegan says.

A few fun quirks add to the shop's charm--like small Pepparkakor (Swedish cookies) that come with espresso drinks and a rotating cast of to-go mugs, which customers are invited to take with them and return at their convenience. Exposed brick walls, cement floors, and an open ceiling highlighting wood beams give the shop a hint of an industrial feel, while re-used tile floors, colorful walls, and a hodgepodge of furniture found in Peace Coffee employees' basements and on Craigslist offer a homey vibe. Wooden benches and a wooden table made from reclaimed material by a local artist add more warmth to the space.

The menu board is made from an old fire door salvaged during the tear down of the old Purina Mill near the shop.
The menu board is made from an old fire door salvaged during the tear down of the old Purina Mill near the shop.
Liz Potasek

A room off the side of the entrance is set up for meetings, classes (so you, too, can learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee), and staff training.

The shops hours are 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Peace Coffee 2801 21st Avenue South, Minnehaha & 33rd, Minneapolis

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