Pay your respects to the Uptown Arby's sign at this candlelight vigil

As news of the Uptown Arby's closure broke last week, many wondered what would become of the iconic ten-gallon-hat sign. A Historic Preservation Commission designation, perhaps? Or maybe it could be moved to another Arby's in the area?

As for the answer, well... take a look at the photo above. It's been unceremoniously mangled. 

It's kind of a tragedy. And it's why Noah Hevey, the organizer behind a February 9 candlelight vigil for the sign, is 100 percent not kidding.

"I fully intend to actually show up ... I am completely serious about actually trying to get people to show respect for the loss of a landmark that apparently was around for 47 years," he says.

And it looks like he isn't the only one. Hevey posted the event on Sunday afternoon, assuming a few dozen friends who were equally bummed about the loss would want to join him. But he's gonna have to buy some more candles: In less than 24 hours, more than 2,000 people clicked to say they're interested. 

Now, it's possible that those "interesteds" and "attendings" are ironic, sure. But Hevey hopes people will actually turn out. (There was, after all, that recent -- and very well-attended! -- vigil for a burned-down Alabama Taco Bell.)

And either way, Hevey'll be there to pay his respects.

"Entering the Uptown area, that was always one of the first things you see. To me it was basically a landmark," Hevey says. "Back in my teenage days, as a kid who grew up in the suburbs, I didn't know my way around much and got lost driving around sometimes. The giant Arby's sign was so recognizable it was cemented in my mind as a kind of beacon giving me an idea as to where I was."