Paulette Bakery brings pastries on wheels

Croissants on the go
Croissants on the go
Joy Summers

Qu'est-ce que c'est

? Could it be possible that there are now delicate French croissants available on wheels?

C'est vrai!

It is true. Paulette Bakery now rolls through downtown Minneapolis most weekday mornings serving these buttery delights.

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Paulette Bakery with owner Janna Gustin
Paulette Bakery with owner Janna Gustin
Joy Summers
This adorable little truck is run entirely by Janna Gustin. As a young girl, she dreamed of the streets of Paris, the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower, and the rolling waters of the Seine. When she traveled there, she was dazzled by the city and fell in love with the croissants she ate for breakfast every day.

Upon returning to the states, she worked her day job, a typical office existence, and built a respectable career. However, those croissants haunted her dreams, with tantalizing layers of buttery bread featuring feathery textures that would melt upon the tongue. Now, the word "obsession" may have some unflattering connotations, but that might be the best way to describe her passion for learning how to create these delicacies.

She began with no baking background and worked for years, honing her recipe until finally, her friends and family (a.k.a. guinea pigs) reactions changed from strained smiles of encouragement ("These are... good...") to moans of, "Oh my god, you could sell these!"

Which is exactly what she's doing now. Gustin found a small truck and transformed it into her little mobile bakery. Most often you will find her in downtown Minneapolis (Monday and Wednesday outside of City Center; all locations available on her Twitter page.)

Pain au Chocolat translated means heaven in your mouth hole
Pain au Chocolat translated means heaven in your mouth hole
Joy Summers

Her menu includes a classic croissant ($2), which you don't so much bite into as unfurl layers of dough and greedily pull them into your mouth, where they shatter and melt before quickly disappearing.

Pain au chocolat ($2.50) nestles small nubs of rich, dark chocolate within that ethereal dough. It pairs beautifully with the Peace Coffee she also serves.

Other items include a daily savory croissant ($3.50) and a powdered sugar-dusted almond variety ($3). Each one we sampled tasted like a Parisian dream come true.

Paulette Bakery

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