Party with Guy Fieri, NFL stars before the Super Bowl for just $750

Little-known Fieri fact: he wears those sunglasses because of all the exposure to neon.

Little-known Fieri fact: he wears those sunglasses because of all the exposure to neon. Food Network

Wanna take a one-way trip to Flavortown?

At noon on Super Bowl Sunday, one of the week's most #exclusive happenings kicks off: the Players Tailgate party. The annual event is a Big Deal as these things go -- last year, 40-plus active NFL players were in attendance, along with a host of celebs, both A-List and extremely minor. And it's correspondingly quite pricey: Tickets this year are a cool 750 bucks, up from $700 in Houston.

So which chef, pray tell, will run the show at such an expensive, prestigious, star-studded event?

You already know. It's none other than the spikey-haired, sweaty sultan of spice. The fiery-shirt-wearing, fried-food-loving, goateed grandmaster of grease. The drive-in demigod himself. 

That's right, folks. It's one Guy Fieri. The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host and unofficial mascot of every bowling team served as the tailgate's headlining chef in 2016 and 2017, and he's back, baby, increasing the number of studded leather bracelets in the Twin Cities by what we assume is 200 percent.

Now, we know what you're thinking: I absolutely have to procure tickets. I must meet the man single-handedly keeping Ed Hardy in business. Money is no object. 

Or, maybe you're thinking something else, like... is there any way this is worth a whopping $750 a head?

Well, it is an all-you-can-eat affair -- so if can you throw down a whole bunch of the frost-tipped lord of fried food's cooking, you should! And again, there will be a bunch of NFL stars there to take selfies with. This year's cast of NFLers includes Dak Prescott, Josh Norman, Travis Kelce, Harrison Smith, and Linval Joseph, plus former greats like Daunte Culpepper, Aeneas Williams, and Derrick Brooks.

Listen, it's your money, you do what you want with it. A little light Guy-bashing aside, we mostly subscribe to comedian Shane Torres' school of thought: that Fieri is probably a pretty good dude, or at least, largely harmless.

Guy's Tailgate take, for what it's worth: "You can't beat it!"