Parka to Close and Become Dogwood Coffee Bar

On September 22, Parka will be no more

On September 22, Parka will be no more

In less than surprising news, it was announced yesterday that Parka in south Minneapolis will close up shop. It was also announced that while Parka might be going dark, the company behind the restaurant intends to keep the space alive in the form of a new Dogwood Coffee bar.

Parka's last night of service will take place at this end of this month. After that, they'll close for approximately a week's time and reopen under the new Dogwood name.

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The Star Tribune's Rick Nelson broke the news yesterday, lamenting the loss of the highly debated coffee and wine bistro.

According to Nelson's report, co-owner Greg Hoyt expressed sadness about the closing and suggested there simply wasn't enough support to keep the place running because "not enough people are rewarding us for what we do."

Upon opening, Parka was met with many positive reviews, though it became riddled with problems fairly shortly thereafter. The chef de cuisine left not too long after the opening, and earlier this year the main chef behind the concept, Erick Harcey of north Minneapolis's Victory 44, also parted ways with the restaurant. The remaining team at Parka tried to rework the menu to include more approachable food, but it was likely too little too late.

One of Parka's early dishes, goulash with cheddar cheese mousse

One of Parka's early dishes, goulash with cheddar cheese mousse

"We've come to a difficult but right decision to convert Parka into a Dogwood shop," Dan Anderson, co-founder of Dogwood Coffee Company said in a statement released yesterday. "Parka really came alive of late; however, we've decided to wholly focus on our core businesses of coffee and baking. We love the neighborhood and we're eager to expand our Dogwood & Rustica presence there and to do so with our friends at Forage Modern Workshop."

Look for the new Dogwood to open sometime late September or early October.

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