Parasole finally responds to controversy over credit card tips policy

Parasole Restaurants has finally issued a public response to the controversy over their new policy on credit card tips.

Parasole instituted a policy last week cutting 2 percent of its servers' credit card tips to pay rising bank fees on the transaction.

In statements issued via Twitter this afternoon, Parasole said its success is built on taking care of its guests and employees, then added that its servers are better off when customers use credit cards because they tend to spend more money than people who pay in cash.

Nowhere do they directly address the public relations fiasco their perfectly legal but unpopular new policy has unleashed.

Parasole Restaurant's success is built on taking care of our guests & our employees. The average tenure of our servers is between 4&5 years.
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Guests who pay with credit cards spend on average 25% more than guests paying cash. This results in higher tips & wages for our servers.
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We put in another call to Parasole to ask if a live human being would be willing to talk to us in greater detail than these two tweets. We'll let you know if they get back to us.

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