Papa's Philly Cheesesteak: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 49

Mmmm. One of the best sandwiches in the Twin Cities.

Mmmm. One of the best sandwiches in the Twin Cities.

While Papa's Restaurant and Deli on Minneapolis's north side is known for its friendly atmosphere, tasty pizza, and well-prepared pasta dishes, we often gravitate to an item at the top of the sandwich menu: the Philly Cheesesteak, one of our favorite sandwiches in the Twin Cities, and one that has been often lauded by local magazines and food bloggers.

What makes its special? After all, you can walk into plenty of restaurants around town (heck, even Subway has a similar item) and order one. But those places don't take the same care that Papa's does.


It starts with the steak. Thinly sliced and grilled to order, the meat is juicy and packed with well-seasoned flavors. Onions and green peppers add to the medley of flavors. Here they are just at the right point of cooking, the onions caramelized and the peppers cooked but still crunchy. It ends with the provolone cheese, a tangy binding for all of the above ingredients.

And you can't forget the bun. Papa's offers great Italian loaves and serves them well here. The bread remains chewy even after it has been baked and packing to the gills with all the ingredients, and it retains its shape and flavor to the last bite.

Papa's is as unpretentious as the surrounding Victory neighborhood, and the same goes for its signature dish. It's a hearty meal for someone bringing an appetite, but it also packs enough flavor to satisfy well-developed tastes.

4159 Thomas Ave. N., Minneapolis
Papa's website

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