Paddy Shack: The Tour

How far can foodie culture extend its tentacles? Here it is at Half Time Rec, Como's beloved neighborhood dive bar, beloved by you, beloved by three or so generations before you, especially if those generations were Irish. Big-deal chef Jack Riebel, who himself grew up in the neighborhood, is running the show at Paddy Shack, a sort of restaurant within the bar. To be clear, this is still working man's fare, it's just that a chef with one of the deftest hands in town is executing it, and the proof is in the levity of the shepherd's pie. Riebel's never done bar food before, and it seems he's having a hell of a time, hollering shout-outs to virtually all who enter. He's got a killer corned beef sandwich, perfect fish and chips, and, because this is America after all, a classic burger to seize with both hands and muscle down with a Guinness. PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN CARTER GRIMES

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