Outset Magnetic Light for BBQ Tools

BBQing at night is as American as apple pie, NASA and the occasional race riot. But even when there's enough ambient light to keep track of where everything essential is being kept, it's still kind of tough to see whether the burger is done without resorting to the kludgy solution of wielding a spatula in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

Enter the Outset Magnetic Light for BBQ Tools. A surprisingly elegant and weighty little contraption colored silver, copper and black, it sticks onto any of your big metal BBQ tools through the magic of a strong magnet built into its base. A ball-and-socket joint makes the angle adjustable on both the X and Y planes of motion.

Beyond its mere physical beauty, the light is actually quite a versatile little bugger; anything made of ferromagnetic material is a potential home, and the LED light barrel packs quite a reasonable optic punch. Don't, for example, stare directly into it while it's on. That would be stupid, and make it difficult to write a blog.

Outset Magnetic Light for BBQ Tools

Two downsides: It costs $17.99 at Kitchen Window, and you need to be able to put it high enough up on your tool of choice in order to keep it from being consumed in the fire. That said, the thing appears to be solidly made, the magnet is tenacious, and while the problem it addresses is kind of limited, anyone's who has tried to enjoy a brat at 9pm understands why it's worth addressing.

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