Origami opening new location in Lowry Hill East

Origami Sushi to open new location in Uptown
Origami Sushi to open new location in Uptown
Rachelle Carlson

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No offense to some of the other good sushi joints in town, but we've always had a soft spot for Origami in the Warehouse District. From its incredibly delicate gyoza to its perfectly constructed maki rolls to the crown jewel, its uni (which we like to think of as the pâté of the sea), Origami has collected countless awards and attracted throngs of famous diners.

Now, in the hopes of taking advantage of possible outdoor patio space, Origami is packing up its Ridgedale location and planning to open a new outpost in the Lowry Hill neighborhood.

Here are the details on the anticipated opening date and the exact location:

The new location, opening sometime in early December, will join the soon-to-open Bar Louie on the main floor of the MoZaic building, right behind the Lagoon Theater on the corner of Girard and Lagoon. The MoZaic building was originally intended to be residential, but after the housing bust the project's management/development group decided to repurpose it as a multi-use commercial and office building.

Like the original location, this Origami will feature a sushi bar, happy hour, and seasonal specials. To keep up with popular nearby neighbors like Stella's Fish Cafe and Drink, Origami is planning outdoor patio seating but will wait for the warmer temps to set in first.

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