Oreo ads pit Donald Trump against the Manning brothers


Is anyone else as non-plussed as we are by all this Donald Trump and Manning brothers nonsense over Oreos (and Golden Oreos at that? WTF.). We don't entirely get it, but it seems that The Donald is now trying to remain relevant by becoming an spokesman for Oreos.

As the story goes, Trump is trying to "buy" the fake Oreo-eating league made popular a while back by the Manning brothers and Williams sisters (it was already kinda dumb then, wasn't it?). Trump's "bid" has been rejected and, now -- teaming up with his SNL doppelganger Darryl Hammond -- he's going head to head with Eli and Peyton for a "lick-off."

There is seriously like an entire oeuvre:

Here's where the story begins, with Trump and the Mannings meeting face to face:

This is followed by a few on preparations Trump and faux-Trump (aka Hammond) are making in order to win out over the football stars.

They audition a potential new mascot (ok, it's kinda cute when Oreo Man tries to wiggle out the door sideways):

They try to write a theme song:

And personal fave, seemingly unrelated to the others, "Cookie Jar:

Is the suspense killing you too? Also, is it just us or does Hammond look more like he's doing an impression of Austin Powers than of The Donald?