Ordering Girl Scout Cookies Online? Not So Fast.

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

However steeped in tradition, no matter how cute that tradition may be nor how many sashes and berets you bestow upon it, we all must admit: WE WANT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ALL YEAR LONG.

It could be argued that nothing sells cookies faster than earnest, ruddy-cheeked little scouts with puppy-dog eyes -- except the internet.

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Historically, the system for procuring these cookies, the baked good equivalent of uncut crack cocaine in a box, is an archaic one. Folks from comedians to, well, us have taken the organization to task for depriving us of our addiction 365 days a year, and simply allowing us access to Thin Mints, Do Si Dos, and Samosas (or Caramel DeLites if you want to be that way) whenever the hell we want them, which is pretty much all the time.

So when the organization announced that it would finally, finally at long last give us access with the click of a button, people rejoiced.

But alas, it won't be so for our state -- not just yet.

The Star Tribune reports that the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys are going to opt out of the program this year for a variety of reasons, from concerns over technical glitches to high shipping costs to Girl Scouts who aren't tech-savvy enough to deal with the program. (Maybe there ought to be a pin for computer skillz?)

When the program "Digital Cookie" does get rolled out locally, probably in 2016, it will work like this:

1. You still gotta know an individual Girl Scout and make initial contact with her -- in other words, no nameless, faceless ordering.

2. Some scouts will have a personalized website you may visit and order from there.

3. There's an app for that: Order from your administrative assistant's kid, and inevitably she'll whip out her mobile device and organize your cookie frenzy that way.

4. Delivery fees do apply. Get up to six boxes and you're on the hook for an $11.25 delivery charge an top of whatever the individual boxes are worth to ya (usually about $5 per box).

5. Sorry, there will still be a limited cookie season, generally 6 to 8 weeks in the winter, but after the holidays. Locally, it begins around mid-February.

In the meantime, continue to watch for order-form wielding co-workers or supermarket tables groaning with coconut goodness. The program raises about $800 million annually, and sacrifice though it is, you should probably do your part.

Do it for the kids.

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