Oprah KFC coupon lawsuit settled: Get your $3.99 refund!

Oprah hypes a KFC coupon. Lawsuit results.

Oprah hypes a KFC coupon. Lawsuit results.

Two years ago, after Oprah promoted a KFC coupon for a grilled chicken meal, a perfect storm of the endorser's popularity and the national hunger for fast food turned the promotion into a PR disaster.


First, frenzied frugalistas jammed the website and freaked out when they couldn't download the coupon. To make matters worse, after being inundated with coupons, many KFC franchises refused to honor it.

Two years later, a $1.575 million settlement was negotiated in the resulting class-action lawsuit.

If you feel you were wronged by this KFC coupon, you can get between $1 and $3.99, depending on how much "evidence" you can supply. Go online and fill out a claim form and you will receive $1 for each coupon you attest that you once had, up to $4 per household. If you attach a PDF of the coupon, you get $2 each, up to $8. And if, heaven help you, you somehow have the original coupons lying around, you are entitled to $3.99 apiece, up to $15.96 per household.

Here are the statements one must affirm is true and correct:

(A) I downloaded the coupons listed above from or between 9 a.m. Central time on May 5 and 11:59 p.m. Central time on May 6, 2009.

-- and --

(B) After I downloaded the coupon listed above, I intended to redeem the coupon or coupons but didn't because (select one):

I did not believe that I would be able to do so based on my knowledge at the time.

I visited a participating KFC restaurant and was unable to redeem the PDF Coupon(s) at that time.

-- and --

(C) I did not receive (i) the KGC Free Meal pursuant to the Original Coupon, the PDF Coupon, or the Raincheck Coupon, (ii) a "Chicken Check" or other compensation from KFC in response to a complaint concerning the Oprah Promotion, or (iii) a free meal or other consideration at a restaurant unaffiliated with KFC that agreed to accept the Original, PDF, or Raincheck Coupons.

How many KFC-lovers will commit perjury over a coupon remains to be seen.

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