Openings and closings: Hello arepas in the suburbs, goodbye French Corner Bistro

Smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juices coming soon from Whole Sum Kitchen at 50th and Penn.

Smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juices coming soon from Whole Sum Kitchen at 50th and Penn.

We're always sad to see restaurants go, especially good ones or ones with scrappy, can-do attitudes like French Corner Bistro, which met its demise recently. Luckily, our new restaurant scene is one of the most robust in the country, so there's always more beer to cry in, and innovative dishes to help turn frowns upside-down. 

The latest openings and closings: 

Now Open: 
The Viking Bar 
At long last, the West Bank drinking institution has reopened. The beloved dive and live music venue has purportedly got a new kitchen, new bathrooms, and a top-of-the-line sound system with its lovely cleanup and remodel. 

Opens today, Wednesday, May 25
The Viking Bar
1829 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis

Jefe Urban Hacienda 
Those looking for a more sit-down, atmospheric way to get their Mexican hail the coming of Jefe Urban Hacienda, located on St. Anthony Main. By the people who brought you casual yet stylish Aster Cafe, the menu at Jefe promises "lovingly built cocktails, Mexican tap beer, grotto-cooled wines, and fresh Mexican street food."

219 Main St. SE, Minneapolis

Beautiful breads now available in Linden Hills at Rose Street Patisserie.

Beautiful breads now available in Linden Hills at Rose Street Patisserie.

Arepa Bite
We got a tip from a reader that an arepa restaurant is now open way out in Mounds View, of all places. We haven't made it out there yet, but the website advertises "100% Authentic Venezuelan food". It looks heavily branded, fast casual, and very interesting, with menu items like ham bread (sweet, soft dough rolled up around savory ham), tequenos (pastry wrapped around queso blanco and deep fried), parillas (grilled meats), and of course a whole array of arepas, stuffed with meats and cheeses and things. We'll report back. Mounds View, here we come...

2213 County Highway 10, Mounds View

Rose Street Patisserie 
From John Kraus of Patisserie 46, the much-lauded French Bakery in south Minneapolis comes Rose Street Patisserie, his second effort. So far, the bakery cases look to be filled with similar stunning french pastries, big crisp-chewy cookies, world class artisan breads, and the addition of more savory options like good sandwiches on baguette, tartines (open-faced sandwiches), and quiche.

Rose Street Patisserie
2811 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis

Stem Wine Bar 
Finally, a little antidote to the very heavy burgers and beer scene in Northeast. Stem Wine bar is a quiet, adult, elegant oasis in the complex across the street from Surdyk's, where an eclectic menu of wines by the glass or bottle are available to pair with small plates. 

Stem Wine Bar
24 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Coming soon: 

Bonicelli Kitchen 
After some back-and-forth with real estate and landlords, Bonicelli Kitchen is finally in the final stretch of opening. The restaurant will serve light breakfast and lunch items like wraps, baked goods, soups, and sandwiches, with small plates and wine served by night. 

Opens in July 
1839 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Whole Sum Kitchen 
The smoothie bowls and fresh pressed juice food truck we recently raved about has an upcoming storefront near 50th and Bryant. No word on exact opening dates, but we'll keep you posted. Smoothies! In a bowl! 

50th and Bryant


Il Foro
Everyone is asking the same question: What went wrong with the Italians? The spate of Italian restaurants opened in the past year have been closing in equally rapid succession. First Parella, then Foreign Legion, then Scena, and now Il Foro, one of our favorite new restaurants of the year. We predicted it would have classic staying power, but it barely lasted a year. The press release says that ownership will have "no further comment" on the matter, so while there are plenty of rumors, saying anything more would be pure speculation.

RIP Il Foro. Your cheeseburger and meatballs will haunt our dreams. 

French Corner Bistro 
The sweet but ultimately overly hidden French bakery in downtown Minneapolis has finally met its demise. Sadly, the excellent ham and cheese-stuffed croissants weren't enough to keep the place afloat. 

Crudo at Scena in Uptown is no more.

Crudo at Scena in Uptown is no more.

1200 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

Another in the huge sweep of new Italian restaurants that has evidently proven to be too many, Scena has also fallen. Scena ownership has said it plans to re-make the space into something different. The restaurant barely lasted six months. 

2943 Girard Ave S., Minneapolis

Other news:

Dan Kelly's Pub changing owners 
We were big fans of what the owners of Republic did with venerable downtown dive Dan Kelly's Pub, morphing it into a dark Irish drinking den with perfect fish and chips. But it seems they've decided to move on and now the place is owned by the people who brought you Devil's Advocate on the other side of downtown. For now, the place will remain Dan Kelley's Pub, but changes are ultimately afoot. (See Devil's Advocate for a hint). Reopens today. 

Dan Kelly's Pub 
212 7th St. S., Minneapolis