One Two Three Sushi set to open in Minneapolis skyway, from the folks who brought you Masu

Sushi Avenue's latest creation set to open on February 11 ... at the latest

Sushi Avenue's latest creation set to open on February 11 ... at the latest

The folks who brought you the now nationally recognized Masu Sushi & Robata are ready to open their newest venture. One Two Three Sushi will open February 11, for hungry downtown lunchgoers in the skyway of the IDS Building.

The new venture will serve the popular rolls and lunchtime classics, but don't expect One Two Three Sushi to be your typical skyway sushi joint. In addition to several grab-and-go premade rolls, it will also be offering a full-service line where guests can have rolls made specifically to their tastes. They'll also offer several varieties of ramen and steamed buns.


The highlight will be the custom sushi bar. Diners will be able to choose white or brown rice for the rolls along with quality fillings, including, according to a press release, "a large selection of seafood, meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, unique toppings, and over nine different specialty sauces. In all, more than one million combinations will be possible."

One Two Three will also be offering three types of ramen, something not readily available yet in the expansive skyway system, plus four types of steamed buns.

The design guru's at Shea Inc. have again stepped in to make over the small skyway lunch spot. The restaurant will seat up to 16 people, but it's primarily designed for takeout. The tiny restaurant will sit perched on the skyway level just above the IDS's Crystal Court. Look for its doors to open February 11, but rumor has it they could open as early as the end of next week.