One of Minneapolis' favorite coffee shops heads for the suburbs

Coming soon to Wayzata...

Coming soon to Wayzata... Instagram: @pennyscoffee_

In August, we promised you there were "SO MANY MORE" Penny's Coffee locations planned for the Twin Cities.

(Egregious all-caps use ours.)

CEO Ben Hertz talked about plans to transform his popular pair of coffee shops into a mini-empire: "We'd like to roll out a handful of new cafes in the near-term," he said, meaning two-ish by summer 2019 and eventually "more than one and less than 100."

As we are already, somehow, in the year 2019, those plans are officially underway. Speaking to the Star Tribune last month, Hertz confirmed that the next Penny's is in the works—not in Minneapolis, like its downtown and Linden Hills siblings—but in Wayzata. No exact location just yet, but we know it'll be in a "cool downtown building," with roughly 70 seats and a full-scale bakery.

Overseeing that bakery (and other switch-ups to Penny's salads, sandwiches, etc.)? Why, it'll be none other than Shawn McKenzie, long-time Burch pastry whiz. And you'll be able to catch McKenzie & Co. in action: Their workspace is going to be behind big ol' glass windows. 

Hertz isn't sure just where else Penny's will be popping up, in either the near or distant future, but it sounds like dark roast domination—a latte-keover, if you will—is still in the works. 

“We’re going to take the bull by the horns, and open a lot of cafes,” he tells the Strib, adding that he's angling for a better-than-Starbucks-but-not-pretentious vibe.

He also estimates the total Penny's figure will be a lot closer to 100 than one.