On sale at United Noodles: White Gourd Drink


Yeo's White Gourd Drink ("Authentic Asian Drink") is on sale for 49 cents a can at United Noodles. You can find it in the refrigerated beverage section, at the front of the store. At first, when I went to drink it, I thought I'd just done a bad job washing the glass, because the pale yellow liquid smelled salty, and vaguely familiar in a way (yesterday's lunch?). And I sort of pre-recoiled before taking a sip of it. But, as it turns out: stuff's delicious. Forks up!

I was expecting something more melon-y, but it actually tastes like almost-burnt cookies, with a distinct vanilla-like flavor. It's smooth. It's maybe like the Asian, non-carbonated version of cream soda. And like cream soda, it's definitely more of a sipper than a chugger. It's not what anyone might call a thirst quencher by any stretch. But I could easily imagine porching it up with a glass of this. I'm thinking it would pair well with alcohol. Maybe gin? Suggestions? Stay tuned.