OMG, it's National Sparkling Water Day!

"Raise your glass of bubbles!" "No, not those—the other ones."

"Raise your glass of bubbles!" "No, not those—the other ones." Valeriy_G

Step aside, Halloween—there's a new Best Day of the Year in town.

A piping-hot PR email landed in City Pages’ inbox earlier this week proclaiming today, Tuesday June 18, to be the first-ever National Sparkling Water Day. This is the work of the people at Ice Mountain, who have unveiled six new flavors of water—Ruby Red Grapefruit, Lemon Ginger, White Peach Ginger, Blood Orange Hibiscus, Orange Mango, and Vanilla Flavor Twist—to commemorate the occassion.

In the words of their press release:

Whether it’s adding some bubbly excitement to your lunch break or finding a moment to enjoy your favorite flavor with your friends, there are endless ways to celebrate on the first annual National Sparkling Water Day!

As a staff composed predominantly of dehydrated, kinda old, and definitely hated millennials, we could barely contain ourselves. But we figured we probably weren’t alone in this? After all, according to a Neilsen report from August 2018, sales of the purest (fizzy) stuff on the market are up 54 percent over the past four years.

In celebration of this most festive day, the people at Ice Mountain are holding a soda-water sweepstakes. Sometime down the line, when the coming climate apocalypse really picks up steam, this will end up sounding like some PanEm shit, but for now 10 lucky folks in the Midwest stand to win a year’s worth of Ice Mountain Sparkling Water.

Looking to win all this water? Follow @IceMountainWTR on Instagram or Twitter, post about how you’re celebrating National Sparkling Water Day, then @ your most parched friend with #IMSparklingSweepstakes between June 18 and June 29.

Until your waterlogged ship comes in, grab a glass of the nearest cool (non-free, commercially available) effervescent stuff, and raise a glass to your health. Hydration is important, no matter how you go about it.