Olive Garden review: the greatest restaurant review ever written

After a great run writing reviews for City Pages, I will probably need to tender a letter of resignation because Marilyn Hagerty, Eatbeat columnist for Grand Forks Herald, just won restaurant reviewing. Forever.

Today's column, which she has been writing for years, titled "Long-awaited Olive Garden receives warm welcome" has the Internet abuzz, mostly with Tweets mimicking the author's extremely practical and straightforward writing style. Choosing a favorite line from this article would be like choosing a favorite child, but this section is particularly excellent:

She first brought me the familiar Olive Garden salad bowl with crisp greens, peppers, onion rings and yes -- several black olives. Along with it came a plate with two long, warm breadsticks.

And is second only to:
At length, I asked my server what she would recommend. She suggested chicken Alfredo, and I went with that. Instead of the raspberry lemonade she suggested, I drank water. 

As a fellow review writer, I can honestly only say that my cap is off to Hagerty and that this single Olive Garden review will likely get more pageviews than all the reviews I have ever written, combined.

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