Oles? Oh no. Lyn-Lake isn't getting a Taco John's after all

No West-Mex for Lyn-Lake after all.

No West-Mex for Lyn-Lake after all. Emily Cassel

Bad news for the Potato Oles faithful: It was all a hoax.

Last week, a handful of flyers went up at 700 W. Lake St. in Minneapolis that promised Taco John's was coming soon (and would be open late). The long-vacant storefront at Lake and Lyndale was initially going to house a Mrs. Dumpling to-go window, and since those plans fell through earlier this year, there's been no word on what's moving into the high-traffic corner.

Well ... it won't be Taco John's. 

In an emailed statement from TJ's PR, a rep confirmed that the company has no plans to expand to the Lyn-Lake neighborhood.

“Despite published news reports in the Twin Cities this week, there are no plans to move into the space at 700 W. Lake Street in Minneapolis, and never have been,” said company prez Jim Creel, smashing the dreams of so many as though they were as thin and crispy as a taco shell.

As for how the flyers got there in the first place? Creel says it comes down to some "passionate fans of our brand" who printed up their own Taco John's flyers and put them up in the window. 

"Several news outlets ran with the story without confirming it with anyone here at Taco John’s,” Creel added, to which we'd just like to say: Buddy, we left TJ's corporate HQ, like, three messages! We wanted the taco truth!

Anyway, while the West-Mex chain hasn't signed on for the location in Lyn-Lake, there could be more Potato Oles in your future.

“We continue to be very interested in expansion in Minnesota and across the country," Creel said. "But at this time, Taco John’s acquisition of the Lake & Lyndale site is just a rumor cooked up by our hungry fan base.”