Oh no, Northern Waters Restaurant will shutter this month

It's... finn-ished

It's... finn-ished Facebook: Northern Waters Restaurant

First things first, Cajun Finn faithful: Allow yourselves a quick sigh of relief.

Now, yes. We do have a little bit of bad news out of Duluth. Yesterday, owners Eric and Lynn Goerdt announced via Facebook that Northern Waters Restaurant has been sold to another local eatery. The last day of service will be December 31. 

I know, I know. It sounds bad! The small restaurant offshoot of beloved sandwich and specialty goods shop Northern Waters Smokehaus only opened in 2016, and closing one of your locations rarely means good things are on the horizon. 

Now, here's where we'll assuage your fears: The much-loved original deli in Canal Park isn't going anywhere, and either is its cult fave sandwich. Well, actually, the sandwich is going anywhere -- like, literally anywhere, on account of how you can now get it delivered by mail -- but I digress.

What's important here is that the smokehaus itself is doing just great. Almost too great, in fact.

"Building a restaurant that has so much love and respect for local food, employees, and customer service has been a rewarding process," the Facebook statement read. "However, as our first culinary venture -- Northern Waters Smokehaus​ -- continues to grow with its expanding delivery service, catering, and mail order, it became clear it needed our full attention. Spreading ourselves out too thinly would just lead to disappointment all around."

So there you have it, folks. No more sit-down service; no more brunch. But everything else seems to be going just swimmingly for Northern Waters.