O'Donovan's laid-back, downtown happy hour of the week

Happy hour, irish-style

Happy hour, irish-style

O'Donovan's Irish Pub

700 First Ave. N., Minneapolis


Hours and Details:

Monday - Saturday, 3-6 p.m.

Sunday, all day

The taps in the back

The taps in the back

$4 pints of beer

$4 rail drinks

$4 house wine

Monday - Sunday, 3-6 p.m.

$3 onion rings

$3 curry and chips

$4 fish bites

How does this homey downtowner do in the happy hour department? The Hot Dish swung by to find out.

[jump] Venue:

It's a big space with a front bar, back bar, plenty of seating and a fairly large patio. Of course the place is packed on St. Patrick's Day and for Twins home games, but it holds its charms even on a lazy Sunday afternoon when downtown is quiet. The staff is casual but solicitous, and the draft beer choices are ample, though not necessarily local (Guiness, Newcastle, Harp, etc.). Watch the world march by on First Avenue or check out a baseball game inside where's it's cool, all in this Irish palace that was constructed in the old country and brought to Minneapolis piece by piece.


There's no haute cocktails or fancy bites, and yet O'Donovan's still has it going on. The pricing is simple, the 20 ounce pours are tasty, and the venue maintains a casual, neighborhood vibe, despite its downtown location. Basically, the all day Sunday nature of this happy hour (drinks only) combined with its not-too Irish charms and kick-ass patio warm the Hot Dish's alcohol-soaked heart. Parking can be tough, so take public transport or ride your bike and your visit will be much the better for it.