Occupy MN: How to buy a solidarity pizza for protesters

Send food here.
Send food here.

Mike Fry has been eagerly anticipating the kick-off of Occupy MN -- the Occupy Wall Street solidarity protest in the downtown Government Plaza -- for some time now.

There's just one problem. He's the executive director of Animal Ark and when at work, needs to not smell and look like someone who slept in a park.

So he -- and many others like him -- are doing the next best thing: Sending solidarity pizza.

The plaza has a table marked "FREE FOOD" on the west end, and on the first day of the occupation, the offerings were somewhat meager: some home baked goods, a crate of apples. But by nightfall, a cornucopia of food was donated and delivered from restaurants -- pizzas, pastas, salads.

Occupying stomachs.
Occupying stomachs.

"The food was outstanding," says Fry.

Inspired, Fry has periodically reciprocated. He calls up a nearby pizza place, pays over the phone, gives them the address of the plaza (300 South 6th Street), and directs them to drop the order at the free food table.

According to chatter on the Occupy MN Facebook page, Jimmy John's, Galactic Pizza, Chef Shack, and Sawatdee are some of the local restaurants willing to take orders to the plaza.

The other way to send pizza is to donate to this solidarity pizza PayPal account. The website says they've raised $18,000 in donations and sent pizza to occupations in 22 cities, including Minneapolis.

Just keep in mind -- fair chance there are a few vegans in the crowd. Send soy cheese.

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