Obregon at Sonora Grill: We're warm weather dreaming with this drink of the week

Equal parts sweet and spicy, Sonora Grill's peppery take on the margarita warms our stone cold hearts.

Equal parts sweet and spicy, Sonora Grill's peppery take on the margarita warms our stone cold hearts.

Obregon Sonora Grill $8

After the polar vortex finished unleashing its misery upon us and returned to the frozen hell from whence it came, we went outside and cried tears of happiness that, for the first time in what felt like eternity, did not turn to ice crystals halfway down our faces. This was a moment to be celebrated, and quickly, before the weather gods noticed we were only wearing one layer of pants. Seize any and all breaks in the season with an Obregon at Sonora Grill.

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With a healthy dose of heat from muddled Serrano chiles, the warmth of the Obregon spreads from fingertips to frozen toes. This rejiggered margarita from the newly opened Sonora Grill in Longfellow combines Camarena Silver tequila with freshly torn basil leaves, fresh squeezed lime juice, and fresh cut peppers for a trifecta of flavors that all hail from warmer climes. A slight numbness of the lips means it's working. Herbal and spicy, tart and sweet, it's a beautifully balanced cocktail, no one element overpowering that all-important first sip.

We'd be remiss if we skipped a shout-out to the perfectly executed classic margarita, available with your choice of very reasonably priced tequilas and made with agave and all fruit juice, no sour mix or other filler in sight to dampen your sunny view. The cocktail list also boasts a coconut and pineapple-tinged mojito; a vodka, violet, and grapefruit concoction; and a mean-looking red wine sangria, though our pick stays squarely in the Obregon camp for a mid-winter sip. Whether or not the weather cooperates, get to a better state of mind with this peppery pick me up.

Sonora Grill's new Longfellow location 3300 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55406

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