Obento-Ya is fighting with its Yelp-ers


Look out Yelp-ers: You're not the only one with access to a computer keyboard.

Leave a bad review of a restaurant, and the restaurant just might fire back. Case in point: 

Evidently, the very good independent Japanese restaurant Obento-Ya recently stopped serving sushi, according to the chef, Kjersten Winters, because it was a "huge stress." (He recently lost his wife and partner in the business, Mie Winters, to cancer). 

Meanwhile, a Yelp-er bestowed them with a single star because they were "seriously bummed" that the restaurant in Minneapolis' Como neighborhood discontinued selling sushi, even though Obento-Ya was their favorite. 

Winters fired back: "One star because you are sad? Grow up! And cry on someone else's page." 

Naturally, commenters are going wild with discussion about whether or not it's appropriate for a restaurant  to fire back. What do you think? 



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