Obama's inaugural ice cream? Yes Pe"CAN!"

Part 1. In a transparent display of consumer behavior that would be any marketer's wet dream, you view an ad for a new product (available for a limited time only!) and immediately direct yourself to the nearest Rainbow.

(A bit of backstory: The product is ice cream, Ben & Jerry's, a new flavor - patriotic! - called "Yes Pecan!")

You hustle to the freezer case and, sadly, your fervor is snuffed when only the generic, Roundy's butter pecan equivalent is available. You buy said butter pecan equivalent (on sale for a buck), and subsequently consume it.

(Details: It looks like whipped margarine, tastes more than vaguely like chemicals, and you have to dig for the pecans. But whatever.)

Part 2. Undeterred, you set out the next day for your nearest Scoop Shop (there are seven in the metro area). For four bucks and some change, you get a pint (also available in a heaping waffle cone) of "Yes Pecan!" A portion of the proceeds to go the non-profit Common Cause. You go home happy.

(Details: It looks like ice cream should, dense and rich, tastes satisfyingly heavy, and pecans galore. It's Ben & Jerry's after all.)

Part 3. In a post-dairy daze, you question the deeper meaning of your experience. Why the choice of the white, distinctly un-kid-friendly flavor to celebrate the incoming pres.? Isn't butter pecan like the ice cream equivalent of the "elite" arugula Obama has been accused of enjoying so much? What gives?

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