Now open: Wakame Sushi & Asian Bistro


Wakame Sushi has officially opened its doors in the Calhoun Commons/Village cluster&*$. The restaurant's menu is fairly exhaustive, with curry and noodle dishes, sushi and even a few steak entrees. Most meals hover in the $10-15 range, which might be a little steep for what is, at the end of the day, a strip mall, but any place that has Szechuan green beans on the menu will get me in there at least once.

I sort of imagine that whole little area like a mountain, with hungry hordes scrambling over, under, and through each other to get up to the top. Now, it's worth getting up there -- Whole Foods, Burger Jones, Punch, Ben & Jerry's, and Rustica (soon) all beckon --but it might take forever, and you may have to cut off several people and/or lay on your horn five times and/or get doored on your bike in order to get in and out of there. Just sayin'.

[via Heavy Table]