Now open: Stabby's

Stabby's Cafe, featuring Flint, Mich.-style Coney Island dogs, hearty breakfasts and freshmade bakery goods opened up shop two weeks ago today at 42nd and Cedar in South Minneapolis.

Owner and Flint, Mich. native Mike Staab brings a boatload of experience. He spent the last decade-plus doing everything under the sun at the Uptown Bar & Cafe -- cooking, bartending, booking, managing -- and before that he was head cook at the former A & J Gem Cafe.

More about Stabby's Flint-style coneys after the jump.

While the cafe has full breakfast and lunch menu, with biscuits and gravy, omelets, burgers (NO Jucy Lucy though) and lots and lots of pancakes, it is its coneys that have gotten people talking about the place so far.

The lesser-known cousin of Detroit coneys (which are typically topped with a wet, beanless chili) Staab's Flint coneys are drier and more flavorful he says. Frankly (pun intended, sorry) they just look better too. Here's a Detroit-style, and here's a Flint.

Starting today, Staab says he's getting dog shipments Fed-Exed to him from Michigan's famous Koegel Meats. Stabby's Flint-style coney is $4.50.

Some of you have already pounced. Here one recent review.

Stabby's Cafe4159 Cedar Ave. Minneapolis 612.722.1150 Open 8 a.m.-3 p.m. daily.

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