Now Open: Good Day Cafe serves dinner


We've been waiting how many years to say this, I'm no longer sure: The Good Day Cafe is finally open for dinner. MSP reports that a new neon on outside reads "Good Day Cafe and Bad Day Bar" and that menu additions include "a hot turkey sandwich, the Baron BBQ burger, a pork chop with rye bread crumbs, and the Original Tchoupitoula: cajun chicken on creole ham hash with bearnaise." Whoa!

A call to Good Day confirmed that they're offering all sorts of comfort food faves--beef stroganoff, walleye, etc. and that they've installed a full bar. The place stays open 'till 10 during the week and 11 on Fridays and Saturdays--they still don't take reservations, but you can call 1/2 hour ahead and put your name on the wait list if necessary. Golden Valley neighbors should be pleased to have more drinking/dining options in their restaurant-scarce area and we're looking forward to seeing how Good Day's dinners stack up to their killer breakfasts.