Now Open: D'Amico Kitchen at Chambers


The new D'Amico-fueled kitchen at the Chambers Hotel opened last week after much fanfare and anticipation. Not only is the menu new but the restaurant has moved up to street level. The Strib reports that Chambers has also changed the name of its rooftop lounge from "Red, White and F*&%ing Blue" to "Sid & Nancy's."

A couple early reports on the restaurant have been hit-or-miss. One Chowhounder weighed in, calling the carpaccio and risotto with tomatoes and shrimp "excellent," but the rest just "good" or "ok," and referred to the lemon slices on the cracker crust pizza as "odd." MSPMag's Stephanie March Tweeted about her $40 lunch at the restaurant this week:"ahi crudo beautiful, fritatta densely awesome, oil cure tuna meh ..." Both "reviews" found the restaurant's service lacking.