Now Open: AppleHouse at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

We bring word of the AppleHouse's opening for the season with some trepidation. We've already been seeing apples at farmers' markets for the last few weeks, so we knew it was bound to happen. Let's just embrace it, shall we? Resistance is futile.

The AppleHouse opened yesterday in Chanhassen. (It's part of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.). They've got four types of apples available right now (which will change throughout the season): Minnesota 1837, La Crescent, Akane, and Minnesota 1691.

The numbered apples are "trial apples" being bred and tested for their suitability by the U of M. For any apple connoisseurs out there, these haven't been officially introduced to the market, so you can consider getting them kinda like illegally downloading the newest Wilco album before its official release date, or buying pirated DVDs of Angelina Jolie's upcoming action flick on your last trip to China. You're cool like that, apple people.

The 1837 has red and yellow skin and is described as tart and crisp. The 1691 is green with a splash of red and is said to be "tart, chunky [?], and juicy." The La Crescent is "sweet with a zing" say the folks at the arboretum and the Akane is "sweet and tart."

The AppleHouse has a bunch of other produce too (I was particularly interested to hear about the local plums -- haven't had those before). Here's directions (and disregard the note that it's not open til next week -- it's totally open now!). They're only open til early November, so act fast.

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