Not sure about a CSA? Options for busy ethical eaters

Catch up with our guidelines for choosing the right Community Supported Agriculture from Friday here.

If your determination was that a full share won't fit in with your summer schedule, be it financial, time, or spatial constraints, there are still options out there for the CS-Lazy. Here are some ideas for local, sustainably grown foods that don't require a ton of commitment.

Check in at your local farmers market.
While this may seem like a no-brainer, there are more markets popping up all over the metro area.  Check in the the Minnesota Farmers Market directory for a comprehensive list of markets and hours for the entire state. Smaller markets are sometimes held during the week, freeing your Saturday morning for sleeping in or catching up on Pokemon reruns. Hitting the cabin this June? You can connect with local farmers while there without having to haul a cooler full of fruits and veggies to the area. (More room for beer).

Not sure about a CSA? Options for busy ethical eaters

The CSK box from Corner Table restaurant.
Chef-owner Scott Pampuch is on a mission to spread the word about cooking and eating locally.  For the food lover who might not embrace the kale-only contents of some boxes, Pampuch has begun selling what he refers to as a Community Supported Kitchen.  People can buy weekly or recurring shares.  A box can be picked up at the Kingfield neighborhood restaurant, containing vegetables grown at the small network of farms that Pampuch uses as sources for his kitchen in addition to meats that have been responsibly raised. As of right now the boxes are mostly meat and pickled items with some eggs and bread from Sun Street Bread, but the boxes will change as quickly as the seasons.  Find out more at the Corner Table website.

Gardens of Eagan prepaid card.
If what's holding you back from the full board CSA is the unpredictability of the produce, Gardens of Eagan is now offering a CSA by way of prepaid card.  Purchase a $50 prepaid card from the farmers at either the Midtown or Fulton farmers market or the Wedge Co-op customer service desk.  You can then use that card like a debit card to purchase your choice of produce through them.  It's a great option if you would like to be able to directly support a farm but can't quite commit to the weekly box.  Find out more information this Saturday, April 23, 11-3 p.m. at the Wedge Co-op CSA event or at the Gardens of Eagan website.

Simple Provisions, the Milk Man with more.
All of these other options still require that you actually get up and go somewhere, and really, who needs that?  Why not make your food come to you?  Carter Beck of Stillwater can do just that.  He delivers icy cold milk in glass containers from Crystal Ball Farms in Osceola, Wisconsin right to your door on a weekly, or biweekly basis.  This summer Simple Provisions is also offering a CSA with delivery of produce starting in June.  Also available through their website are eggs, maple syrup and bread, all delivered to Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  Visit their website to find out more. 

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