Not Doing Jack in the Morning at the Rabbit Hole: Hit snooze for this drink of the week

This potent combo of Jack and Fernet all but guarantees you'll be sleeping in.
This potent combo of Jack and Fernet all but guarantees you'll be sleeping in.

Not Doing Jack in the Morning The Rabbit Hole $9

The Rabbit Hole opens up to a hip, fantastical world; this new space is dark and mysterious enough to feel nestled deep underground, not annexed to the bright and cheery Midtown Global Market. This is a place where cocktails flow from the tap alongside rare craft beers, and around every nook and cranny there's a secret spot to duck into and imbibe. If you can find the Rabbit Hole (head down 10th and skirt around to the side entrance), order the Not Doing Jack in the Morning, and tumble headlong into this creative cocktail list.

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The Rabbit Hole is not the first spot in town to do cocktails on tap, but it is perhaps the most extensively stacked, with six premixed offerings at the ready. Our bartender, Chris Brawner, chatted about the benefits: "It's all about consistency. When you order a drink, you get the exact same drink," he says. So we can wholeheartedly recommend this heavy mix of Jack Daniels, Fernet Branca, Aperol, and orange liqueur, and know it will be equally as good with every visit.

A little sweet, a lot bitter, Not Doing Jack in the Morning requires patience, slow sipping, and an open mind. Strong and assertive, this cocktail is complicated by the addition of Fernet, the craft bartender's darling with its easily identifiable flavor profile: minty, herbal, medicinal. You can't add Fernet without making it all about the Fernet.

Tempered by good old American whiskey and sweet orange and bitters, Not Doing Jack mellows with time and tastes better by the minute. It is a must-try, alongside other tap cocktails like the Hi Ryezer (Old Overholt, sweet vermouth, bokbunja bitters), and the Blood, Sand, and Ice (a classic scotch cocktail poured over shaved ice). With beautifully mixed sips at the flick of the wrist, it's hard to go wrong here.

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