Noshin' blogger Sara Rice offers fresh take on Hanukkah traditions

Noshin' blogger Sara Rice offers fresh take on Hanukkah traditions

Noshin' blogger Sara Rice has a simple motivation when sharing recipes in her TC Jewfolk column: "My goal is to get people to give it a shot, to cook more, and be more confident in the kitchen."

While Rice, who began writing her weekly column last September, feels this approach is an integral part of her faith, her blog is by no means intended solely for Jewish readers.  "This is food anyone anywhere could be cooking for any occasion," she explains.  "I just try to tie delicious recipes to the way we celebrate our holidays."

Over the past three Thursdays, Rice posted a series of Hanukkah recipes that included such dishes as latkes and sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts).  The recipes are aimed at encouraging people to interpret traditional dishes in a manner that is both healthy and meaningful to the person making it--to Rice, that means cutting back on the amount of frying required by the Festival of Lights. "To be Jewish, you don't have to cook like your grandmother or mother, but you can take a page from them, integrate those memories with who you are today," she says.  "If cooking and eating is a big part of your life, your traditions and choices sould be reflected there."

In honor of Hanukkah's beginning at sundown tonight, Rice shared a special version of her latke recipe with Hot Dish.

1 bag pre-shredded hashbrowns (Rice recommends Crystal Farms hashbrowns)
1/2 C flour
1/2 C egg whites
1-2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Mixing the hashbrowns with egg whites, flour, and some salt and pepper, roll them into golf-ball size balls.  Heat these over a a medium flame, preferrably with a non-stick pan if you're not using oils.  When the bottom gets crisp enough to turn, flip the latkes over and finish cooking the other side.  The total cooking time for both sides should only take about 6 or 8 minutes.

When the latkes are done cooking, you can use any number of toppings - applesauce or sour cream are solid standards, although Rice says she enjoys using grape jelly.  And that's it!  Quick and easy latkes.

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