Nosferatu from Great Lakes Brewing Is Red and Hoppy, but Not All That Evil


Fall seasonals are often darker in shade and a touch heavier on the tongue -- all in keeping with the changing leaves and the cooler temps. Nosferatu Imperial Red Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Co. of Cleveland is a natural pairing for sweatshirts and the season's first beanie.

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Nosferatu pours autumn amber, and the aroma is hoppy with an earthy depth. It's highly carbonated and leaves a nice foamy head that recedes but doesn't disappear while the glass goes down. While it looks much like an amber beer, this is hop-forward and lacks that sweet caramel associated with the roasted malts of similarly colored drinks. Instead, the malt balance of this 70 IBU, 8.0% ABV beer comes with an oaken dryness that cleans the palate for a soft finish with a hint of boozy sting.

It's a rich but balanced beer, a hoppier take on the traditional malt-driven red, and it pairs well with red meat, soft cheese, and root vegetables. It is available seasonally and can be found at Pizzeria Lola, the Lowry, Tilia, and others, and in four-packs at select liquor stores.

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