Northern Waters Smokehaus' cult-loved sandwich is available via mail, but it'll cost ya


GIMME Northern Waters Smokehaus

This writer loves it; Sen. Al Franken loves it; it's quite possible you love it: The Cajun Finn sandwich from Duluth's Northern Waters Smokehaus is a must-try Minnesota dish, and now it's available as a kit through the mail. 

... we've heard of flying fish, but this is ridiculous! 

But seriously, folks, the Cajun Finn -- smoked Cajun salmon, green onion cream cheese, pepperoncinis, fire-roasted peppers, and mixed greens on a stirato roll -- has been ordered more than 40,000 times since 2015, according to Northern Waters. 

"We have had transplants inquire about whether they can get the [Cajun Finn] components shipped to them, so they can recreate the experience they had while visiting our deli in Canal Park," reports Northern Waters rep Annemarie Mackey. 

Mail-order sandwich kits are a thing nowadays. Iconic delis across the country -- Katz's in New York City, Manny's in Chicago, Langer's in L.A. -- ship the ready-to-assemble goods. 

The Cajun Finn kit, available here, comes with all the essential ingredients, plus a whole dill pickle and a tote bag. The price tag? An eye-popping $60 for two sandwiches or $85 for four. Is that crazy expensive? We asked Mackey. 

"When you break it down, it doesn't sound so bad," she says, citing the leftover salmon/fixings and two-day express shipping. "Cheaper than a drive up I-35 and night's stay in a hotel, no?"


And there's apparently plenty of demand for Northern Waters, which opened a second, full-service location in Duluth last year. The company has no immediate plans for a Twin Cities shop, Mackey says, though some Northern Waters goods are available at Grassroots Gourmet inside the Midtown Global Market.  

In other Duluth news: Head there for your 7th best chance of surviving the nuclear apocalypse, and stock that bunker with Cajun Finns.