Northern Fires Pizza setting up shop in south Minneapolis

This is art.

This is art. Facebook: Northern Fires Pizza

More crispy, crunchy, just-charred pizza crusts are making their way to Minneapolis courtesy of Northern Fires Pizza.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because Northern Fires is no stranger to the city. These pies have been a fixture at the Mill City Farmers Market, and the pop-up shop later expanded to the Nokomis and Kingfield Markets. They've also been the team behind the ovens at Food Building Pizza Farm nights.

Northern Fires Pizza will take over 4301 E. Lake St., chef-owner Arie Peisert tells the Star Tribune. That's the brick building just across the street from the recently opened Bungalow Club (and the longtime home of Dragon City Cafe).  

Construction on East Lake Street will kick off shortly, and Peisert says he'd like to open as soon as February. The menu? Nothing fancy: eight pizzas, a few small plates, and some salads. (Yes, there will be beer and wine.)

Facebook: Northern Fires Pizza

Facebook: Northern Fires Pizza

“The direction I want to go with the food is going to be really simple,” he tells the Star Tribune. "I’m going to put most of our efforts into sourcing seasonal, local ingredients. I want to teach cooks to be intuitive, and not recipe-based."

A focus on working with small producers will continue—that's kind of Northern Fires' whole thing. "We seek growers and producers whose vision is consistent with ours, and who are innovative masters of their craft," their website reads. A very non-exhaustive list of said producers includes Red Table Meat Co. in Minneapolis, Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch, and Cosmic Wheel Creamery, in Amery, Wisconsin.

And you'll still be able to fuel your farmers market trips with wood-fired pizza: Piesert plans to return once the brick and mortar is up and running.