Northeast's Sleepy V's just closed for good

Parting is such (literally) sweet sorrow

Parting is such (literally) sweet sorrow Sleepy V's Facebook

Sorry, teeny adorable doughnut lovers: Sleepy V's in northeast Minneapolis has CLOSED FOREVER

(All-caps DRAMATIC FLAIR theirs.)

"It’s been a trip ya’ll but it’s all over," the Sleepy V's team wrote in a Saturday evening Facebook post. "A huge thanks to each and everyone of you. (Except the assholes.)"

The cheeky little doughnut shop opened as Rebel Donut Bar in 2017 after spending years building their "what if doughnuts, but smol" brand at pop-ups around the Twin Cities.

The shop quickly became a favorite, and it was our Best Doughnut pick in 2018. There's just something really nice about eating tasty sweet treats that aren't the size of a basketball! (Though Sleepy V's eventually did add long johns and other, bigger sugar bombs to the menu.)

Co-owner Vince Traver tells CP the closure is "a long time in the making, honestly." They remodeled the shop last year, putting a ton of time and effort and labor into their little space on Second Street NE. 

"Then January came. And it was so quiet," Traver says. "We noticed people weren’t pulling the trigger on wedding orders like they had in years past. Then it just didn’t really pick up much in early March like it used to. And yeah, I guess the pandemic was the final straw."

But his outlook is as relentlessly cheery as Sleepy V's doughnuts. When I echoed the hundreds of folks on Facebook who have been bummed to hear the news, Traver was quick to console. 

"Oh don’t be," he laughed. "I’m beyond relieved. Happy to get my life back... sort of."

As for whether they'll keep doing pop-ups at bars and breweries?

"Oh god no. I’m buying a canoe and getting outta here."