Northeast Social/Dave's BrewFarm Matacabras: Drink of the week


Dave's BrewFarm Matacabras

Northeast Social Club
359 13th Avenue NE., Mpls.

Northeast Social Club, also known as "The Best Restaurant for a First Date" is a mighty fine place to tip back a pint.

And when the beer in that pint is named after a wind that kills goats...all the better! Northeast Social Club is serving this brew from Dave's BrewFarm in Wisconsin, where Dave grows the hops for his creations. A very earth-friendly venture, Dave's BrewFarm uses geothermal heating and cooling and a wind generator for power to make this "wind-brewed beer."

Matacabras is a hot wind, found in the legends of Spain, known as the "goat killer." But contrary to its name, this beer is delicate, with an orangy nose, a hint of floral, and modest hops. Although it's brewed in a dark Belgian style, it's still choice for a warm day. Since the Dave's BrewFarm beers are made in small batches, it's hard to know how long this selection will last, so get up on it while you can.